MO Senator Jim Talent’s hand-washing habits

So, one of the other "companies" in the office building I work in – right down the hall from our office – is called Capital Enhancement Inc and it is basically a Republican fundraiser/support group.
I was in the men’s restroom on our floor taking care of business, when another gentleman walked in and proceeded to take care of his own business.
Now I am a bit of a hand-washing freak, and I always make a point of noticing when someone else uses the restroom and doesn’t wash their hands, so as I am washing my hands I notice the other gentleman walking right out of the restroom without washing.
As I follow the gentleman out of the restroom, I realize who it is – MO Senator Jim Talent.
Now I am not posting this to bash Sen. Talent – I consider myself to be fairly conservative and actually voted for Sen. Talent in ’02.  And perhaps Sen Talent prefers to use his own hand sanitizer instead of washing at the sink.  I just felt I should report my brush with political power.

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