Windows Live Spaces .Net Class Library Helper

One of my projects this year was re-designing this very site,  I wanted to make the site a blog-type site, but didn’t want to install 3rd party blog software or write my own blog system.  Well, since I already had a Windows Live Spaces site setup, and the Spaces team has done a great job of exposing all of a Spaces site’s content via RSS, I decided to whip up a .Net class library to make it a little easier to consume the Spaces RSS feeds.  The library includes all the functionality that I used to setup the front page of this site, as well as the categories, archive, and photo album functionality on this site.  The library also includes support for caching the RSS Feeds, and I’ve included a .chm file in the download.

Sample Code to retrieve a blog feed and bind the RSSItems to a GridView:

SpacesRssHelper.RSSFeed rssFeed = SpacesRssHelper.RSSFeed.GetFeed(

GridView.DataSource = rssFeed.RSSItems;

Download SpacesRssHelper


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