In Your Face, Oprah!

Well, in my last post, I lamented on the fact that my wife’s Christmas was going to be ruined because Oprah Winfrey recently featured the Amazon Kindle on her show causing an 11-13 week backorder on the at Amazon.  This morning I decided to check the prices on e-bay and found that some are now fetching close to $1000!

So I decided why not take another look at and see if there are any third-party sellers offering them at a reasonable price.  Well a couple clicks led me to find that amazon is selling refurbished Kindles, complete with all-new packaging and 1-year warranty for only $329!  I almost bought 2, just so I could flip one on the bay, but decided not to push my luck.  Anyway, Christmas is saved, and in a matter of a few days I’ve gone from zero to hero.


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