Augmented Reality in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

One of the cool scenarios enabled by Windows Phone 7.5 Mango is augmented reality.  The Motion API and direct access the the camera stream enable these scenarios for Windows Phone developers.  For more information on these API’s check out the MSDN augmented reality sample here –

The Motion API gathers data from the device’s compass, accelerometer and gyroscope, but the good news for owners of first generation Windows Phone devices is that a phone only needs to have two of these sensors available (the compass and accelerometer for first gen devices) to enable the Motion API.

I’ve started working on adding augmented reality functionality to some of my apps.  Here is a little preview of what is coming in Gratuitous, a combined tip calculator and foursquare client:


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12 Responses to Augmented Reality in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

  1. jfattic says:

    Great demo, man! I love the idea of augmented reality. How easy would it be to add the distance below the name of the restaurant?

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  3. Joe says:

    Ignore my comment above, I was searching for currency settings an app as screen was displaying dollars, but when I tried app, the results were shown in pounds (it’s only initial screen gives impression that only US dollars are covered.

  4. Francesco says:

    Is this phone one of the HTC Mazaa WPAppItUp phones?

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  6. is there anyway I could join the BETA program?

    • Andrew Long says:

      i don’t have the app available as a beta. as mentioned in the video, i hope to have a version of gratuitous available with some of the AR functionality in the marketplace in the next couple of weeks.

  7. hey andrew,
    would really love to try out your app. I believe you got your AR code up with the help of my AR tutorial on vimeo. Would love to try it out and feature it on one of my blogs, with your permission. Thanks

  8. Jim Goodlett says:

    Really bloody smart app @Andrew! Just waiting for a vertical slider with Mango before I leave $HPC Palm WebOS…

    Wondering aloud what it would take to make this into a browser based app?

  9. wow, this is great dude! thanks! will be fanning out this news to my followers in

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