Tiger Woods is a Man With a Plan

Tiger Woods has a plan and I’m surprised no one (that I know of) from the mainstream golf media has figured it out yet.

We all know Tiger’s main plan, to better Jack’s record of 18 major championships, but I have no doubt that deep down, Tiger wants to win every conceivable award there is in the world of golf.

To my knowledge there is really only one award thus far that he hasn’t won which his poor play and personal and health problems have now opened the door for him to win in 2012.

I am speaking of course about the Comeback Player of the Year.  Tiger is in perfect position to win this award in 2012.  Just consider the following reasons:

  1. He will have had considerable time to get totally healthy since he injured himself at Augusta in April.
  2. He will have also had considerable time working with Sean Foley to get whatever his new new swing ingrained.
  3. He will be 36 next year which should put him very much still in the prime of his career.
  4. His personal issues seem to be long behind him – at least the divorce from Elin is getting further and further in the rear-view mirror.
  5. His issues with sponsors seems to be looking up as evidenced today by his new endorsement deal with Rolex. Thankfully Tiger won’t have to worry about grinding out cuts to put food on the table, he can play a little more relaxed.

So my expectations from Tiger for the rest of this year are fairly modest.  Make the cut this week at the frys.com open, maybe a top-25 finish.  Solid but not spectacular play at the President’s Cup – just good enough to justify his good buddy Fred Couples’ Captain’s Pick, but not so good that everybody starts claiming “Tiger’s Back!”.

Next year at San Diego, or wherever Tiger decides to kick off his season, watch out, because Tiger will be a man on a mission.

Of course, even after Tiger wins the Comeback POY award next year, he will still be 1 behind Steve Stricker, so we may have to do this all over again in a few years.


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