Windows Phone Mango Compass v1.2 Preview

Much to my (pleasant) surprise, my app Mango Compass, which just dropped in the Windows Phone Marketplace about a week ago, has turned into a bit of a hit, with downloads far exceeding any expectations I had for it.

Feedback and reviews have been overwhelmingly positive as their seems to have been quite a bit of pent up desire amongst Windows Phone users for this simple functionality.

There has also been some good constructive criticism particularly around the apps look and feel, which quite frankly is pretty boring and doesn’t really fit the Metro style.

So while version 1.1 is currently making its way through the approval process with a couple updates, here is a preview of what will be coming in version 1.2:


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1 Response to Windows Phone Mango Compass v1.2 Preview

  1. msft777jf says:

    Keep on churning that code….. Windows Phone truly shines when experienced devs roll up their sleeves and set to create amazing apps. I hope the App Submission Process was smooth, Microsoft has stressed this will be the case for Windows 8 Apps. Good apps make a platform outshine the competiton like trainers make their show dogs outshine a dog breeding competition…
    Cheers( as they in Microsoft)!

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