WP7 Mango SDK AdControl Bug

I’ve recently had an issue getting an update to one of my apps through certification.  The problem reported by testing was that the app did not resume properly. For the life of me I could not re-create the issue until I re-read the reported steps to re-create it. It said after launching the app to quickly push the start button to exit.

I started to notice that if I pushed the start button before the ad control had a chance to finish loading the first advertisement, then tried to resume the app that indeed the app would not resume successfully.

In the video below I demonstrate this using the Mango AdControl sample downloaded from MSDN.  You’ll notice in the video that I have to push the start button very quickly to reproduce the error. I believe that is mainly because I am running in the emulator over my home’s high-speed connection, and the ad control is setup in test mode.  But imagine a real-world scenario where the phone is running on a 3g or slower connection and you can see where the issue could crop up easier.

I have tried to reach out to members of the WP7 team via Twitter to try to bring this issue to someone’s attention with no luck.  If anybody out there has any ideas about why this is happening or suggestions on how to work around it I would love to hear from you.


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