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AI In Your Windows Phone Apps pt 3 – Psycho-Analyzing People You Hate On Twitter

Let’s Review Shall We In parts 1 and 2 we went over the process of signing up for a free IBM Bluemix account, creating an app, and adding the Watson Question and Answer service to the app. We then built … Continue reading

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Promote your Windows Phone app on Twitter every time you get a review

One of the best ways to encourage people to download your Windows Phone app is through positive reviews. But only people browsing in the app store are going to see those right? Well what if there was a way you … Continue reading

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#WPDEV – Stop shaving in November and fight cancer

A few weeks ago I got lazy and stopped shaving for several days. I was reminded of the No-Shave November initiative run by the American Cancer Society and thought that would be  a great way to raise some money for … Continue reading

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Implementing an “App News” Live Tile in Windows Phone 8

Even if your app doesn’t have frequently updating content, it is easy to implement a cool live tile for your Windows Phone 8 app if you have a twitter account. One of the coolest features of Windows Phone since Windows … Continue reading

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Windows Phone Mango Compass v1.2 Preview

Much to my (pleasant) surprise, my app Mango Compass, which just dropped in the Windows Phone Marketplace about a week ago, has turned into a bit of a hit, with downloads far exceeding any expectations I had for it. Feedback … Continue reading

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Just a note about the “Mango Compass” Windows Phone app

My new Windows Phone 7 app “Mango Compass” was recently published into the marketplace. I have seen a few reviews saying simply that the app “doesn’t work”. It is important to note that you must be running your carrier’s official … Continue reading

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